C & G 2330 Level 2 - Unit 2 - 202 Mock Test Questions.

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Feb 12, 2008
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I typed these out by hand a short while ago - because my scanner was broken at the time - Anyway, Good Luck.

Exercise 1. Unit 2: Outcome2: Session 1

1/. Give a definition of current, in your own words.

2/. What is a free and what is a bonded electron?

3/. What is the quantity of electricity measured in?

4/. If 3 A flows in a circuit for 2 hours, what will be the charge?

5/. For a charge of 900 C and a current of 2 A, what will b the time in minutes?

6/. The time taken for a battery to charge is 4 hours, what will be the charge if a current of 4 A flows?

7/. How many electrons can inhabit the innermost shell of an atom and what label is attached to that shell?

8/. What is an ion?

9/. In what direction does conventional current flow?

10/. In which direction do electrons flow?

Exercise 2.1

1/. Give three effects of an electric current.

2/. Give two suitable examples of ach of the effects stated in (1).

3/. Give two examples of a cell.

4/. What is an electrolyte?

5/. Give two types of secondary cell.

6/. When would you use a thermocouple?

7/. What is a combination of cells called?

8/. What happens when current passes through an electrolyte?

Exercise 3.

1/. Define mass, force and weight, giving S.I Units for each.

2/. State the earths

Feb 12, 2008
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5/. A motor has an efficiency of 78%. If the input power is 39 kW, what will be the output power available?

6/. If the output power of a generator is 250 kW and the efficiency is 83%. What is the require input power?

7/. If an object has a high centre of gravity, what could ensue?

8/. What is stable and unstable equilibrium?

9/. A force of 70 N is applied at a point 250 mm from the centre off a pulley. Calculate the torque applied.

10/. A pully has a radius of 0.225 m. A force of 2.5 kN is applied. What is the turning force being applied?

Exercise 4.

1/. A coil has an effective length of 14m. What will be the resistance of the coil if its area is 0.5 mm



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Dec 16, 2008
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HI thanks for the questions but is ther ea revision answer sheet too lol