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Sep 1, 2022
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So I had a look at the ENA test type register, to see how an application was going for something I was interested in....

Now says data is to 16/4/24 only and to see Connect Direct

Can u still search the database easily now?


It invites you to register...

groans in exasperation....

Not tried that yet...

just thinks to self why, oh why, do ppl have to fix something which wasn't broken - from my perspective at least.

Site blurb....
"As an customer, whilst you do not directly use Connect Direct, you will benefit from: "

So as AN customer I will benefit by no longer being able to use the ENA I ask myself


No desire for AN idiot to look into the wondrous inner workings of the solar industry?

Oh joy!

Will be thrilled if my sarcastic scepticism is proved wrong

Thanks for putting up with the venting!
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Hi oldman22, finally had time to look at this again...

thanks for the link, which does indeed work,

I was definitely having an off day when I looked at it last time!

I'm suitably thrilled my sarcastic scepticism is proved wrong ;-)

in case it helps anyone else it's reached via the 'live device register' on connect direct homepage

as a plus I find it much easier to select the number of phases as a filter, so humble pie ready to eat, it has improved!
Ugh, I feel your pain! It's so frustrating when they change something that was working fine. Registering sounds like a hassle, but maybe it'll surprise us? If you give it a try, let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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