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Sep 17, 2017
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Hi got a new extractor and it comes with pre wired cable. What’s the safest option how to connect it to the existing old cable and have the connections above celing. Or is it safe enough to connect it to term block and wrap it up in insulation tape?
Could someone confirm this is the correct wiring for this please. Mains, LNE going into the bigger plug with only L&N. 😐


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why no earth on one of them? which is the supply & fan? either your circuit supplying the fan has the earth cut off or you have the connectors the wrong way, usually the one without the earth would be the socket / supply, the one with the earth would be the plug
150mm is a standard size.... and all the common brand manufactures make a selection of 150mm fans..

Can't see why you say there wasn't much selection?
Thought there was much more selection in the 100mm. There was a few in 150mm but not a lot were getting great reviews 👍🏻