Is there any reputable kit which doesn't come from China?!!

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Sep 1, 2022
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Just skimming through a wholesaler website, it really struck me how much kit seems to come from China!

Just made me think, are there any manufacturers of reputable kit from anywhere else?

I started jotting them down, I think there are these but may be wrong. Some might be re-badged kit?

Company Registered Manufacture Make
SMA Germany(?) Germany? inverters (can use LG batteries)
Fronius Austria(?) ? inverters
Givenergy UK(?) UK? inverters & battery (LV ~50V)
Solaredge Israel? ? optimisers and inverters
LG Chem S.Korea S.Korea(?) batteries (LV & HV)
Soltaro Australia Aus & China? Inverters and batteries (AIO) (LV) but kit made in china?
Enphase USA(?) USA(?) optimisers
Victron Holland Holland? Inverters - but only off-grid?
Tesla USA USA(?) AC Inverters and batteries (HV)
Sonnen Germany(?) Germany(?)

Aurora were sold to ABB I think, not making kit now though?

Solar panels
Company Registered Manufacture
Q-cells S.Korea S.Korea
Eurener Spain Spain?
Panasonic Japan Japan?

and which of these have dedicated UK support, either telephone and/or website? I've seen such for these:

please feel free to pitch in and add any others, make corrections etc. I'll try and summarise and tabulate again later if needed
SMA bought out a Chinese company to make cheaper gear for the Asian market.

Simple fact is, the Chinese government allowed their manufacturers to dump cheap subsidised products on the European market about 8 years ago, and destroy the European suppliers. Whilst their gear has improved and is mostly OK, some of it does lack quality, but, at the prices they offer, it's hard to refuse it.

My fave gear is Japanese or Korean panels ie Q Cells, although I think some of their production has been moved to China. Panasonic are excellent panels but expensive. You can still get German panels from Krannich solar. REC (Swedish) are good panels too. LG panels are immaculate, but pricey.

I used to really like Fronius inverters. I went off SMA when the removed the digital display on their inverters, so you can only access with an app on your phone or laptop.