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Feb 6, 2008
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I have just heard from my Friends parents who had just come from visiting their Son in hosp (not Serious).

It turns out that he was driving his car when he took a call on his "Hand's free" from his boss, who - out of the blue - said, "Dean, you have been promoted".

His parents said that it was a shock to him and he swerved...

... Within 3 minutes of the last call, his boss phoned back and promoted him again... Again, Dean swerved.

Two minutes later, his boss phoned again and said "Dean, you are now the Managing Director" - Well that was just too much to take in and so, Dean crashed into a massive tree.

The Police arrived and asked a rather dazed 'Dean' what happened?

" I 'Careered' off of the road ", said Dean.