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Nov 10, 2023
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About two years ago I got a battery system installed on my existing solar installation. Unfortunately, it was through Solar Together London, and Green Energy Together were the installers (Google the whole mess if you don't know about it all), and it took ages for them to set it up to actually function properly. Now that GET are bankrupt and they didn't register me with HIES, I'm completely without cover for faults on the system. The warranty on the kit is still good but the manufacturer is Sofar, who are really hard to contact and to get to respond to emails. I've logged a warranty claim with them but they aren't very communicative from China, so I thought I'd come on here to see if anyone else had a similar problem.

Basically there are two problems - a wifi communication issue which is annoying, and a communication issue between the inverter and batteries which makes the system unusable.

The inverter is a Sofar ME-3000SP, connected to two Sofar Amass GTX2000 batteries, giving me 4.2kWh of storage capacity. The inverter firmware is v260. Last week, a 52 BatCommunicationFlag error came up indicating an issue with the connection from the battery to inverter. I checked the cables and nothing seems out of place. Nothing could have moved it as it's in the loft. I managed to speak to someone at Sofar who said it's probably a physical issue, which I really do doubt since it's in such a stable place. The batteries won't charge or discharge any more, but the solar panels are still feeding the house so I'm at least getting some benefit from the system.

The other issue is the wifi module on the inverter won't maintain a connection for more than a few minutes. It's always been up and down and I always assumed that this was because it's in the loft, so far from the router, but when I set up an extender near the hatch it still drops. I also can't connect to the inverter's wifi network any more, getting an incorrect password error mostly, but when I do connect it drops off. This also caused issues for tech support because it meant they couldn't push out a firmware update with a connection this bad.

I've tried calling a few people out but most are reluctant to touch the work of another company, recommending I log a warranty claim. I logged a claim and Sofar support would like me to get a registered installer to check it out, so now I'm going around in circles. I'd rather not have to flash the firmware myself as it involves taking panels off and making sure I disconnect the right things. I'm also aware that if I get it wrong I can brick the whole thing. I've got a little technical knowledge but not enough to be messing around with high voltage kit.

I'm considering updating the firmware to v320 and wanted to know if anyone has used Sofar kit and found that updating the firmware will fix this issue? Or what else would cause a BatCommunicationFlag apart from cabling between batteries and inverter?

Any help would be appreciated! Cheers, Geoff
Probably worth looking at a Sofar FB group, I don't think anyone is familiar with that make on here, and the only one I've ever come across was dead!

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