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Apr 1, 2022
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While helping a friend switch Internet providers we had to move an Ethernet cable from the old router to the new one.
It turned out to be his Solar edge inverter (via two powerline type Ethernet extenders).
Installed in the days of FIT, he has never had or was never offered any type of inverter monitoring.

So why is it connected to the interweb?

And can he get an app and a login to monitor his PV system?

As always, any help would be much appreciated.
Probably links to an online portal, which he should have been given the log in details for. Also allows for software updates.
That's what I'm hoping. Any idea where he could ask about this? His installer is long gone.
OK. Most things at Solar Edge seem to need an existing account.
Trying on line chat, it won't proceed past asking for inverter serial number.

So I'll park this until I'm next at his house. Best done with his phone and email address etc, I think.

Thanks for the nudges in the right direction.
Hey! That Ethernet cable connects the inverter to the internet for monitoring. He can definitely get an app and login for real-time tracking of his PV system. SolarEdge’s mySolarEdge app is a good start.
Thanks Ovemansc

He's off on a SCUBA holiday at the weekend so I'll have to wait until after that.

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