500 Watt x 48v Panel Inverter Required

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Mike Smith

Feb 11, 2024
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Hi All

Does anyone know of a G98 compliant inverter I can use to attach to a 550 watt panel

The problems I have is the startup voltage. I was thinking of a micro inverter but these arent compliant, and the small Solis S5 type inverters have a startup voltage of 60v

Any Ideas ?
This is the technical data for the panel so I could replace it with 2 smaller panels but I have this one now so am stuck with it as such


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Just from reading different forums the only thing which comes to mind is a victron charge controller aimed at a lower battery voltage than the usual LiFePO4 48-51V systems. You could make that work with a single panel. put the specs into https://www.victronenergy.com/mppt-calculator. 12 or 24V system? Victron also do 25.6V lithium batteries. Don't know what inverter you'd need but maybe work a look, they have quite a range.

microinverter for 550W, maybe an enphase one ? No idea if you can make an enphase system work with just one panel though, suspect not...