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Got mine in a week and a half.Will post something to let people what`s in the new AM2.

Thanks Mate. If a Lecturer could confirm this, I will add a note to the OP.If someone could start a new thread with regards to the NEW AM2, I will also add a link to that, in the OP too.

Many Thanks,

dont think you need a lecturer to confirm... we all know there is a new AM2. maybe edit first post and make a note that its changed, so some information may not be relevant, and other info may not be included

just done the new AM2 today was not to bad just make sure you no your light circuit save you loads of time.witch wires need sleeving on for switching.

all diagrams are good and clear to follow.

heating circuit takes some time up as all cables have to be run in and connected.just take your time and follow the drawing.

just read on the NET web site if you fail a part of the AM2 you only have to sit that part again and not the hole thing ?

is that right and is the resit free or do you have to pay again ?

Resists are not free. (If you are on an apprenticeship scheme, your own college may pay for your retest)

It will depend on which section you failed on. If you pass any section then it is "banked" and you only have to retake what you failed (The complete section that is)

Can you post some more detailed info as to what you completed?


not sure how much of this is relevant now, maybe somebody can take over and make a new thread!

Glad this helped you guys out, if only 1 person read it and it made a difference it would have still been totally worth it.

Thanks for the post guys!

Another good source of information is this website:

Guide to the AM2 Exam

Cheers, maybe out of date, but i am sure it will be a help none the less.

Very helpful indeed. Got mine tommorow. Quite frankly sh**ing it.

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