Bathroom Fitters Strike Again.

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The devil's in the details, or the dodgy wiring !
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Apr 27, 2015
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Preston, Lancashire
Customer rings....

My bathroom power keeps tripping out. I think its the fan.

Attends site. 40a wylex plug in mcb off.

That's for your shower. Yes the fan is connected to the shower.

Hmmm. Checks mcb seems dodgy. Grabs one from spares box. Powers on 15seconds trips. Hmmm.

Removes 45a switch. New style 10mm cable. Disconnects load side. Ir L-e >500 N-e >500 L-n >500. Hmm.

Checks incoming side main switch off.
L-e>500 N-e>500 L-n 20Meg Hmmm

Opens consumer unit. Shower cable 6mm red and black. Hmmmmm.

Goes for explore in loft. Finds that the bathroom fitters have been out in force !


On 30a chock block connectors. Fan is wired in 1mm connected to the load. Obviously loose connection in the mains side chock block. But the tape helped keep it in place !!!!

Now replaced with 50a joint boxes. With a spur unit in 6mm for the fan with a 3a fuse.

How do people sleep at night doing cr@p like this ??????