Has Screwfix been hacked?

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Nov 28, 2009
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Trying to order some parts. Parts are in my basket. Try and proceed to checkout, asked to log in, it does not recognise my user / password.

Choose to reset password.

I receive an email to reset my password but my browser warns me
The link you just clicked seems to lead to another site than what the link text indicated. This is sometimes used for tracking whether you clicked the link, but it could also be a scam.

The link text indicated that the link would lead to www.screwfix.com, but it leads to m2982w2y.r.eu-west-1.awstrack.me.

I did not proceed

I will phone them in the morning.
I can still log into Screwfix ok with my password ok..

But I do know of twice in the past they have forced you to create a new password by disabling all old password!!

I can't remember anything about what the name of the reset password link was..

But it was the usual click to have an e-mail link sent to you and follow the instructions given,
which all worked fine..

According to their website they do have 24/7 customer support, including phone lines!!
I did phone them, they put me on hold while she queried the odd hyperlink then came back and confirmed it was genuine and the odd URL was some form of identity check??????

So I proceded and followed the link to change my password. For my new PW I tried the old one with one one changed character, only to be told it was too long.

So I guess the original problem i had was they have changed something that now limits how long your password can be so perhaps it just truncated the old one?

What a lot of time that wasted.