Honeywell st699 to Hive v3 thermostat, controller

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Oct 2, 2023
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Hi All
I'm swapping over my old honeywell st699 to HIVE ACTIVE v3.
I have old conventional boiler with tank in one of the cupboards. There is a thermostat which is attached on one of the walls.

I've been searching for diagrams to make sure that I can wire it correctly. Can someone pls confirm if this diagram will work pls.

Wires which are not used with hive. I will isolate them. Seems like wire 4, 5 and 8 on honeywell will need isolating


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5 and 8 are just linked from the L on the original programmer, there could be a "junction box"behind the programmer as its looks that from the pic.i suspect the cabling to the thermostat is linked there and needs removing, you don't look to have hot water off so probably have 2 x 2port valves, the red is hot water on but need to see other cables as the thermostat will need removing as the hive will now the over.