I should know this but my heads battered !

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The devil's in the details, or the dodgy wiring !
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Apr 27, 2015
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Preston, Lancashire
Got called out to an rcd refusing to reset.

Did all the usual disconnected neutrals from protected side still won't stay in.

Conclusion rcd fcuked. No worries. So new board required.

Did a few tests and readings are all over the place, so it's going to be a fun job.

However there is an Ev point fed via an mcb thru a separate RCD.

It's fed via twin and earth only 1m on surface. Does that have to be rcd protected ? My head says no as its on surface.

Or do I just put it in 25mm conduit when I change the board as it definitely doesn't need it then.
They have accepted my quote for replacement. There's bound to be other issues come up when I pick it apart further prior to doing the change.

At least its not in a small cupboard at low level that you can only access led down and at arms length ! Lol
That looks a very damp environment may need to consider the new CU as a IP65 rated enclosure.
Deffo want to avoid the supply to the standaone RCD for the EVSE being on an RCD shared with other cirucits in the board.

However, as long as this is a standard type A RCD (and nothing exotic like a type B) then I'd proably loose and pull the cirucit striaght into the board and put it on an rcbo..... but... and this is a important part, not only must it be type A, but it must break the neutral.... quite a few of the smaller form factor RCBOs do... Wylex, Fusebox, CPN, do...... But *NOT* Hager..... which is a shame as I generally like Hager.

Damp problem needs addressing first