Is solar still as busy on installs

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Do you think people are not so bothered and its something people are not want to invest in they would rather pay the elec costs but cut down on power usage
Not sure, obviously massive price hikes sent the industry into turbo. My concern is many may have had it done, and the money is gone. However, wife has just had a text from a national solar company offering 3.2kw battery, hybrid inverter and 8off 435W panels for a mere £7500 - reckon that's about £4k for installation 😱😱😱😱😱 - reckon they must be from Sherwood Forest...

So you could easily do a job like that for say £2k margin (possibly more), 2 jobs will pay for MCS crap, not that you really need that anymore as I'm sure you know. Good money for the amount of work. I used to like 1/2 installs per week, takes abit of effort doing the quotes etc etc, but I liked the work and made a good living from it. I reckon demand is out there still. If you do decide to go that way, I still have my Seaward solar tester in the garage, I'll do you a good price ;)
ive done my own in 2022 and a mates on his roof with a battery he wasnt interested in fit payment for export as his battery uses it on charging when available i asked becsuse i noticed round here there didnt seem many people having it done of late
There is no FiT as of about 6 years ago, hence my comment about MCS. I reckon demand is still there, and repairs is an interesting line of work. With the prices being quotedby big companies, you should have no trouble undercutting them, and still making a good living. Even one new install a month is a good bonus to your normal income stream, especially when you consider it's only one/ two days work - one day for a team of 3. You do need 2 people for handling the panels, although I have done that by myself, it's not so easy by yourself.