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Sep 28, 2023
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Hi All,

We've recently had storage fitted to our array - and for the last few nights we've enabled grid charging in off-peak hours (Octopus Intelligent).

During non-grid charging hours, everything seems fine (as far as we can tell) - nothing abnormal when it comes to usage.

However during charging hours (and exactly mirroring them from what I can see - not an expert at using the dashboard yet!) - Grid consumption is a lot higher than the battery charging usage, which is because the home consumption is reporting high also. Nothing is in use during this time - EV was also un-plugged.

Example from the 27th below -

From the report itself - it states 6.5kw was imported from the grid during this charge - of which 3.7kw was reported to be to the battery, with house consumption at 3.1kw

The same pattern was observed on the 28th - where house consumption increases with the charge only.

Looking at my Octopus dashboard for electricity for the 27th - its reporting 2kw being used in total for the day.

(readings for today 28th not yet available, although the Solis dashboard states I've imported 5.3kw so far and used 4.8kw - which I suspect will again be a lot higher than what is reported to Octopus)

(Note: Think my EV was in play for part of this, 2nd graph is from this morning where only charging was happening)



I have asked the installers, but thought I'd post here also to see if there's anything I can do / should be "bothered about".

Thanks all,
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