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I can't tell from the picture if that triangle is recessed within the surround, or projects.
If it's the latter it wouldn't be hard to make a spanner with a bit of flat steel, drill a hole and file it into a triangle.
If it's recessed, maybe shape the end of a bit of round tube of appropriate size, around a triangular file.
A small Bi-Hex socket will normally remove them in the absence of the proper screwdriver

Thorn used a screw like that on quite a few of their bulkhead type fittings
Anyone name this/the tool I need to use with them please? on a light fitting over 20 years old and need to get inside them!

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Can't really tell off the photo what sort of dimensions we are looking at?

But "Tri-head" seems to be a common name for triangular security bolts/screws..


Maybe worth an email to one of numerous companies who specialise in security type screws/bolts etc..
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Multifunction Tool ?????

But obviously you would actually need a pair of these...?
To allow for both Left-handed and Right-handed applications....!

A useful tip is to wrap a bit of PVC insulation tape around the handle of the Right-Handed hammer..
so you don't accidentally pick up the Left-handed one for the wrong usage!!

It is never good to whack a right-handed fixing with a left-handed hammer.. As that would be just asking for trouble!!

But there aren't many problems that a good quality pair of Left & Right handed hammers can't fix!!

So if all else fails remember the guidance from our esteemed member Mort2376..!

And do not forget to multiply all comments in this post by the Friday-Night-Beer-Correction-Factor to discard any waffle and/or tosh!!! (If there is any?)

"Tri-Head" is possibly my only useful contribution!?

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