Shortening the supplied Pre-Charged Split Aircon copper pipes.

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Dec 23, 2021
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I've bought an Electriq Pre-Charged with R290 Split Aircon which comes with 4.5m pipes.
I only need about 3m for a neat installation.
Will the small volume of moved pipework result in the aircon being over-gassed ?
I have a vacuum pump and High/Low gauge set to check the running pressures if necessary.
I haven't found a spec for the R210 models, but the old R410a models have 1000g and say "add 30g if longer than 5m".
Which is only 3% more, a trivial amount ?
Max length is quoted as 15m.

"you can always lets some out"
How will I measure that amount ?
Good thought, I'll try them.
The pipework to the indoor unit isn't precharged.
In fact it has to be vacuum pumped before connecting to the outside unit where the charge has been preloaded
What I'd like to do is have the correct amount of gas in the system.
Too much or too little and performance suffers..
But sounds like there is some wiggle-room if the pipes are shortened.