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Feb 18, 2008
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On going work at this place, room by room at customers request? :|

Fuse box for sockets from first link, note the fused neutrals & all circuits in lead :_|

Fuse box for lighting from first link, again fused neutrals & all lead cable. First fuse set also runs 5 single sockets, all of which the customer has written on "no toaster or kettle fuse will blow" :^O

From a fault callout " my rcd trips & wont reset had rewire done 10 years ago when extension was built" IR 0.00 traced it to the above.

They obviously didnt rewire this little lot, thats 1x lead sheathed & 2x pvc.

Another callout for a tripping rcd. Traced it to 40meter long submain to sheds, wired in 3 core 1.5mm swa & branched off at 3 points to run pond pumps.

In shed were 11 sockets & 3 batten lights + 150w pir halogen outside.

The trouser box was full of water & incorrect glands used anyway...DIYERS aye .

Customer wanted a cu change (needed extra ways for extension) had to dissmantle the kitchen cupboards to pull service fuse :^O

Local handyman fitted this lighting at a local garden centre, it's outside ...water jets & such things....Not a great picture but you might be able to see the black binliner & bron packing tape that bring the metalclad socket & fused spur up to a reasonable IP rating........ :^O (there are another 7 lights like this but couldnt take more pics as the manager came out & got ****y B) )

Small fire in batten fitting, caused by a wasp on terminals.

Yesterdays work space between a false ceiling in a civil defence command vehicle. All hush heres another picture.


Flying Scotsman

Feb 15, 2008
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was that all that was left the wasp the wingy looking thing on top of the terminal (brown/yellowy bit) :^O :^O