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Feb 12, 2008
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..."Scoobs" are what the forum members have changed a forum function's name to...

.. The function in question is the forum's "Reputation" feature.

On the bottom left of Every post (apart from your own) - you will see a Green Scoob Button (and a red De-Scoob) button.

You can either "Scoob" (add) to the posters' reputation (If you find his or her post helpful) or you can "De-Scoob" Disagree with the poster (if they were unhelpful).

The little Green or Red box next to the Scoob's buttons shows how many times your post has been Scoob'ed.

And that, Is what the "Scoob" is all about.

You can only Scoob three times and De-Scoob once in any 24 hour period.

Welcome aboard.

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