Which circuit is appropriate ?

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They said while the calculations are old (1934) they give you a result that is acceptable. However you as the installer can determine it anyway that's sensible.

Given that the power networks allow 8 amps per property for new housing estates the entire thing is a total farce !
Hijack….remember when he said about getting DNO THIRD PARTY approval for pulling the fuse? Can’t find it anywhere
No I must admit I have looked and watched the YouTube video by efixx about it.

They did say that not many companies had signed up to it.

It's always going to be an us and them thing until a sparky gets injured doing it. Then they will seriously do something about it.

Anytime I've cut the seals and then been unable to get the fuse out I've called the dno and they have always sent someone round to replace the cut out.

I even had the dno come out one time as next door had reported no power. He came in and I was doing a cu swap I said I'll be about another hour and he said OK. Didn't bat an eyelid the fact it was obviously wired up wrong and was feeding next door as well !
The official line is either the customers energy supplier to fit an isolator. Which is not an urgent job so can take weeks. Or use a SIP provider. But trying to find a SIP provider isn't easy neither is finding out much about the SIP scheme !
Should we be discussing / suggesting pulling the DNO fuse in a public area of the forum
Should we be discussing / suggesting pulling the DNO fuse in a public area of the forum
We are only discussing it here on the forum. It's all fantasy. Of course in the real world I would always contact the supplier to arrange an appointment 8 weeks in the future to sit and wait all day for the engineer to turn up. I charge the customer a waiting time similar to taxi companies for this. And because of this waiting time I always allow 2 days for a consumer unit swap.

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What is all this, hijacking my thread!

Still no show of my Leccy. Wondering now if I could actually come off the existing circuit via a 13A fused spur. I think that might be a good idea because then it doesn't matter if the existing circuit is a ring or a radial. And, I can place it so that if anything like a kettle or dishwasher demands a bit too much, it kicks into action... maybe I'm wildly wrong, will have to wait for this guy anyway but would be nice to be able to get on with some of the DIY-permitted aspects.
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now lets get back to proper informative answers...

Estimated max load..
Ring or radial..
Cable selection..
Protective device..
Additional RCD protection.. (& type of RCD)...
Check meeting max permissible Zs values..

Once all boxes ticked crack on and bang the cable in!

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