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Oct 3, 2023
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Hello folks - hope everyone is well. I have the following situation that i would welcome any throughts on:
  • We have electric driveway gates that are opened both by key fob remotes (with automatic closure after 3 mins), and also an override inline switch next to the gate wiring hub/board in the garage (which when flicked keeps the gates permanently open)
  • We flick the switch in the garage to keep the gates permanently open when we are expecting a delivery or friends/family visiting, but it is a hassle having to run from the house to the garage when we want to do this
  • So following fitting an RF wireless switch for some lights on my mother-in-laws garden room, i wondered if the same could be used in the garage (Link: Wireless switch), replacing the override inline switch with this, to allow us to be able to permanently open/close the gates from a switch in the house
  • However, i pulled off the inline override switch cover this afternoon and there are only 2 very thin wires (similar to those used for wiring smart thermostats/data cable) in the switch (see pictures below)
  • I am assuming that this is a simple switch that just overrides all other switches in the gate wiring hub/board, setting the gates in the open position, therefore does not carry the equivalent to a "live" in light fitting and therefore not sufficient to power an RF switch receiver as linked above
  • So are there any options, bar trying to run a set of wires somehow into the house? I have seen these (Link: No neutral wireless switch) but i assume similarly, that there wouldnt be enough power to run the switch and it works over wifi which may not reach to our garage? I'd much just prefer to have a physical switch (not one in an app on a phone) as i am a luddite at heart!
Any thoughts, or ideas, will be greatfully appreciated. Thanks in advance for anyone who reads and considers this! Dave

switch 1.jpeg switch 2.jpeg
You need a source of mains supply from the gate system to feed a wireless switch receiver with a Volt free pair of contacts or, if not available then a relay. HOWEVER There are specific regulations regarding electric gate controls and their safe operation. For insurance purposes you would, in my opinion, be better getting someone who knows their way around these systems to do the work
Thanks kerching - that makes a lot of sense. I had thought that the power in those lines would not be sufficient to power a RF switch (or wifi switch for that matter) and that it would need another power source, but hadnt appreciated the volt free contact piece - which now is obvious - otherwise I'd imagine you could fry your control board! I'll reach out to a gate chap we had round a few years ago when slugs (somehow) had made it into he control board and fused some of the points! Ty again (y)