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Aug 1, 2022
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I applied for a battery storage system in my loft using a Solis Hybrid Inverter. This is a 5kW Inverter, capable of handling up to 8kW of solar PV input.
My UK Power Networks DNO *APPROVED* of the application after sending them the required A2-3 forms and diagrams of the install, even when I already have another 3.6kW approved inverter on my other solar system last year. This part was quite easy. Just download the required documents, create your install plan etc etc... and after the local electrician installed the new circuit capable of handling 5kW from this inverter, I went to complete the approved application.

On my DNO application website page for completing this installation it is now asking for a G99 Form A2-4 document, with "on-site" commissioning testing...

Can I ask those here, if my Hybrid Inverter is Fully Type Tested and registered on the ENA Type Testing website as Fully Compliant, do I still need somebody to carry out those many tests in Form A2-4??

My take on Form A2-4 is for PARTIAL G99 A2-3 testing, where they still require further testing onsite once installed.

What are your experiences? Am I correct, or do I still need to find a G99 A2-4 electrician capable tester?

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