Do I need a consumer unit in the garage?

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Aug 22, 2023
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We've just moved into a new house and I have done some electrical work in the garage. Original there was one double socket and a single light.

I've extended to have 4 individually switched lights and added some extra double sockets (radial circuit), which is all working fine.

In the consumer unit in the house, the garage is on a B16 MCB.

The garage is detached and the cable comes in from the house into a junction box. From there, into an unswitched fuse spur, out of which one wire goes to the sockets and one to the lights.
The fuse only kills the light circuit, I am not able to kill the socket circuit on it's own.

Should I replace the junction & fuse box with a small consumer unit, so I can kill either circuit ?

If yes, then is that something I am 'allowed' to do or would I need an electrician to do that ?