power supply 4.5v like for like?

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peter davenport

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Dec 9, 2023
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Hi all
Newbie here, i am not a qualified electrician just a diyer, i realise that attempting electrical jobs whilst not being qualified is a big no no, but only attempt things that i feel comfortable with and nothing major.
We have just bought a new house so i hope this forum will be usefull in advice in the coming months/years.

As we are approaching xmas my wife has brought down the xmas lights and ut seems that 2 of the power adaptors have given up the ghost. Question is can i use any adaptor of the same voltage or is there more to it than that?
i have attached a couple of photos to better see what type they are.

Anyway thanks for accepting me on here and hope to interact more often in the coming months /years
cheers for now





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The socket will need to be compatible with your existing plug.
As has been said, so long as you get a power supply of the same voltage and same or higher current you will have no problem, that said you can get a direct replacement, BUT there are around 20 of them all with the same part number, but different output socket (some barrel like you have, some 2 pin. some 4 pin)
The worst part is, the one I found, delivery, will be after Christmas and it costs £20, it's probably cheaper to buy a new set 😞
You can try cpc.co.uk they have adapters with sets of different plugs, however 4.5V is not that common so it may require a new set of lights.