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Apr 4, 2024
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Customer wants 1 x high mounted double socket for a TV in kitchen/diner - and 3 double sockets close together in a garage the other side of a partition wall from the TV. It’s on a 32 A MCB with RCD.
Is it best to continue the ring via 13 FCU To the 3 sockets in the garage, and a spur of the FCU as well to the TV, OR perhaps a junction box instead of FCU and continue the ring to the TV 1st then the other 3 sockets through the wall.
The attached gives a flavour of what I was thinking. Thoughts?

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That is a bizarre set-up. Is point 1 where the FCU is going to be connected from as your diagram shows it is not part of the ring final.
I can't figure out from your drawing where the original socket(s), and the ring wiring that you want to extend from is?

But the basic rule I would work to, is to avoid putting multiple sockets off a 13A FCU, off a ring!