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Nov 23, 2023
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So I will be working on scare mazes at a theme park and the issue we are having is we currently turn all the power on using the MCB’s I want to simplify the process putting it don’t to just a push of a button so my question is can I set up a bank of contractors and have the mix of circuits going through them typically the circuits we have in the boards are socket circuits that go off and power plug in 12v transformers for that control animatronics and lighting there will be around 6 to 10 circuits that would need to switch together.

I have used contractors to switch multiple lighting circuits but wasn’t sure if it’s not adviced or bad practice!

I would use the main switch but there is certain circuits that need to stay on at all times for emergency lights and exterior lighting

Thanks in advance
GN3 advises against using mcb for functional switching , no problems from using contactors apart from isolation if fed from different circuits.
also inrush current of all circuits powered at same time may need consideration

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