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Dec 5, 2023
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I'm hoping to get some help regarding purchasing a new cooker.
I've just bought my first home and need to buy a cooker. As the pictures show, there is a gas pipe and dedicated plug for a cooker. What I want to know is, would this plug be suitable to support a duel fuel cooker?
I did ask in Curry's today and they said yes but I wanted a second opinion of someone who really knows electrics, as opposed to a salespersons!



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that looks like a gas hob and possibly electric oven, low wattage, set up, or all gas and th socket is uust for the gas ignition and clock
Does that mean this socket would NOT support a duel fuel cooker?
You have a 13amp fused spur. Max for that is roughly 3kw, and you can get dual fuel cookers that will work with that
The model I was looking at says the fuse requirement is 32 Amp. Would this work with that socket? Apologies, I'm clueless with this!
Do you have a 32A cooker circuit on your fuseboard. (Pictures if unsure) If you do, you then need to find where in the kitchen the other end is. (any cooker switch above countertop?) It may have been extended to that ad hoc arrangement in some kind of (likely not great) way