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Only just starting to come in. Was at the last Napit event. Its to avoid circuits that are high use high current (ev) overheating theirs and neighbouring mcbs/rcbos. As ev chargers are high load over a long period.

Hence why Lewden now have a 39 way board
Sounds like more nonsense from NAPIT to me, night storage heater boards have been working fine for decades. Never done this in commercial / industrial 3 phase boards either. All MCBs are supposed to be rated for their max ampage in continuous use, so if there's an issue, they should be shaming/ naming shite MCB manufacturers.
I think it's a reaction to the government's let's go all electric idea, and the realisation that it's gonna cause massive issues.

Plus it's a European EN thing as well.
Cripes !! I just had a flick through that article , got to the bit about a 32 amp charger mcb ending up needing to be a 63 amp with cable sized to match that due to derating factor for mcbs grouped together . FFS just put it in its own enclosure where possible and avoid oversized boards ,or should builders supply a plant room 😄.
I for one think the excessive use of the planets mineral resources, I.e copper for 1 example shouldn't mean fitting larger and larger cables .
As to the ops predicament with Napit it seems absurd and I agree he should demand another opinion and free re-assesment .
I think I will have a problem this year as on a minor works customer didn't want a A type rcd installed in his old board as he had a previous eicr recommending he has a board change which he said he is soon . I marked my cert accordingly ,Job was to install a single socket on existing ring final circuit , now I expect doing that may cost me at assesment , I don't think for this sort of job we should be changing existing rcd ac type it's ludicrous ! ps also a third floor apartment so no chance of socket being used outside .
rant over 😄

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