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Thankfully I’m retiring
Beat you too it 😃

Come on now gents...
You know you love it really...
Why would retirement even enter your mind?? o_O :oops:😦😮

Just think of the excitement you will miss when you don't need to buy the new edition of that £80+ Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/Brown {delete as appropriate} Book..?

And flick open those crisp new pages to find out what hoops you now need to jump through to keep your customers safe and well as they use the new wiring you have installed..?

Its all good clean fun to keep you on your toes!! (n)
So those who are retiring from the industry are going to get someone in to do their electrical work....... I very much doubt it
Its just another stage of the regulation bodies making money!!

Locked to prevent hi-jacking (again)
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