Trailing edge dimmers

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I've installed kWs of led lighting on a church. I fitted type C breakers, concerned about in rush currents, but when you look at the data, it's so short a time period MCBs shouldn't be bothered by it.
I've heard of people nicking the lead off church roofs, but never the whole roof.
Just a suggestion, you might spend a few quid on a mains filter, ( AC250V 6A Noise Suppressor Single Phase AC Power Line EMI Filter 50/60Hz UK ) . The outgoing earth will need to be connected to the case in this one but there are many to choose from. I would say 6A , or 10A type depending on the protection , and place it in a suitable box to cover the terminations, place it in the switched live and neutral from the dimmer, not always easy since you will have to have it placed in an accessible position. it may just smooth out the output voltage enough to stop the flickering, that seems to be taking place. The fact that any flickering is happening to the LEDs, (supposing the dimmer is a trailing edge type ) and is made for the job is a bit of a mystery. If the LEDs are put on test individually , and the voltage reduced to say around 80V and they start to flash, then they are not dimmable types, simply universal supply ones. Dimmable ones will go down to around 40V before complaining, indeed the correct dimmers will not go below the threshold of LEDs