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Oct 24, 2023
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Hey there people, New here. Just need a bit of advice as I'm at a complete loss.
So my partner purchased two lights from B&Q.. They are called Colours, Aspis and require 4 GU10 bulbs each.
I have never fitted anything like this before so spent the day asking around and watching a lot of UK only electrical guides and installation videos and checked some forums.
I have succesfully installed the first light on the ceiling and it works like a charm, But for whatever reason I cannot seem to ge the second light to power on.

So.. I have followed the wiring guides properly and terminated the three live wires. Connected the earth to the light housing. Connected the remaining two blue neutrals to Neutral, And the blue switch wire with the brown tape to the live input of the light. Exactly how it was explained on videos and forums and some wiring guides. Works fine.
I have followed the exact same procedure for the second light, but it will not switch on. I have also tested the light switch on the wall with a multimeter and getting the correct readings with both switches on and off.
Connected earth to the housing, Terminated the three lives, Connected the remaining two neutrals to neutral, and connected the blue switch with brown tape to live, But no joy.
I have read up on many different posts that this is correct and it should be working. If I use my multimeter on the live and switch wires and have my partner flick the switch on and off I can see the continuity change as it should.
But nothing is working.
I have done all this with the fuse in the off position in the mains box when rearranging the wires and reinstalling. Tidied up and done a real nice job. Bought some better and stronger connector blocks as the provided ones were cheap and just rounded off when tightening up. Very small and difficult to work with.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong. I am following the guides to a T and just can't get the second light to switch on.

For the second light I have noticed that there are two blues that power on when flicking the switch. I have found the blue switch for the second light, but also found that another blue switch that makes a connection when flicking the wall switch. I'm guessing that's the first light cable. Should they be connected to the 2nd light alongside the other switch cable ?

I have everything wired up and safe and just going to leave it alone until I can figure it out, I'm going to be honest I can't affor an electrician to come and take a look right now. And I really don't want to go back to the two pendant lights as the Mrs is not happy with them and wants to upgrade the look fo the living room.
She's driving me nuts. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
Some clarification please:

Are these two lights in the same room and controlled by the same switch? Or are they in different rooms and controlled each by a different switch?

Are either or both of them controlled by 2 switches (2 way switching)

Pictures please of light wiring, and switch wiring, and the "before" photos of how the old lights were wired?
Sorry, Yes the lights are both in the living room and controlled by a 2 way switch in the same room.
I'm affraid I don't have any photos of the old wiring. Huge oversight on my part.
Can you show some pics of the connections at both lights.
Only taken one pic of the wiring from the first working light as the second non working light is wired up exactly the same. All the same number of cables.

As mentioned I checked the wires for the correct switch line and then wired them up as suggested and no joy.


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go back to the first light and check that all the cable are in and not lose , was it just the lights you changed , you left the switches alone?
check all the browns are nice and tight in the block give them a good hard pull,
All wiring is good. Checked and doubled checked several times trying to troubleshoot. Just lights changed and not done anything to the switches other than to check if switch two was working. All is good there.
All wiring is good. Checked and doubled checked several times trying to troubleshoot. Just lights changed and not done anything to the switches other than to check if switch two was working. All is good there.
you will just have to start again, take down both lights and cut off the ends and start again with nice clean straight cables no twists or bends
Replace the working light with the one that doesn't to prove it isn't faulty.
Looking at how twisted some of those wires are it could be broken copper conductor still inside the insulation of one of the cables...

So visually looks ok but continuity broken!

Have you enquired of any local electricians to know what they would actually charge.. I am guessing this could be fixed in under half an hour following a quick bit of testing...

And not be very expensive at all for someone local?
No I don't expect it would be too expensive, There are so many of them local to me, But I think I'm just going to return them and fix the old rose back to the ceiling and be done with it.
I just had to switch on the external lights as it's dark outside and needed to check something and the working light just flashed on and off over and over. There are too many switches and cables for my cave man brain to figure out.
Thought I was 50% of the way to getting something sorted and now have another issue. These chinesium lights are just aweful. Also these GU10 are incredibly bright.. Too bright infact.
Well.. sorry for pestering you guys and thanks for all the help.
Also these GU10 are incredibly bright.. Too bright infact.
Well.. sorry for pestering you guys and thanks for all the help.

(a) You Do NOT have to apologies for a perfectly reasonable question..

(b) You do know that not all lamps give the same light output?
You can get various lumen rating.. (light intensity) The bigger the lumen number the brighter the light output

And Kelvin rating.. (Warm / cool / daylight) typically so many thousand Kelvin "K" where higher "K" is whiter "cooler" looking and lower "K" is more candle-like "warmer" looking..
e.g. 2500k and lower are much warmer and less intense than 4000+K which as my better half says.. "Look more like a Dentists waiting room than a cosy lounge!!"

(c) As long as the light fittings are not one of those with integrated non-replaceable lamps you may still be able to get them working with a much nicer non-intense, cosy light atmosphere..

(d) You did actually presumably like the look of these lights, otherwise you would not have bought them in the first place?

(e) If your problem is due to a broken copper conductor still inside its insulation that I mentioned in my previous post, then your symptoms could still be the same with the original ceiling roses back on!!
I had this problem on a fault I attended last Thursday.. Actually customer had two faults. A two-way light only working off one switch and bathroom light not working at all... One was a cable loose out of its switch terminal, the other was wire terminated correctly but broken inside the cable insulation. Both fixed within an hour... Customer was happy and offered me more than I was going to charge because they were pleased with how quickly I fixed both faults!

(f) Side note: remember with ALL trades persons (Electricians/Plumbers/Gardeners/Painters etc.. etc..) The money you pay them is not 100% profit earned.. They have all have various overheads, Transport, Fuel, Tool replacement, Insurance, Meter Calibration, Trades body membership fees, No holiday pay, No sick pay, Personal pension fees, HMRC Tax on earnings, etc.. etc.. So what may seem like an excessive amount per hour is No-Where-Near what they actually take home per hour!

(g) As an example I am in the Midlands and if a customer wants a light fitting replaced, if they have bought the light fitting, and they are within a 5 mile radius of home, and I can slot it in between going to or returning from another job, and the ceiling does not have any nightmares trying to get a solid fixing this would typically be from £25 to £35ish. Total costs for a job that is all sorted within half an hour! (closer to home = cheaper charges!)

(h) Please also remember it is possible to get electrical stuff working.. but is not safe!! A qualified electrician is NOT trained to get things working... They are trained to ENSURE that EVERYTHING they work on will FAIL SAFE!! As electricity can kill a healthy adult in less than a second!!!

(i) DIY & You-Tube-Videos can be a valuable resource and help to many projects... BUT They can also be a nail in the coffin without suitable test equipment and/or knowledge and understanding of BS7671 wiring regulations..

Hope that helps you evaluate your options?

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