Confusion with panel heater with pilot wire and wire colours

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Mar 13, 2022
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Hi there,

I was looking to replace an old eletric panel heater in my flat (was building built around 2007), as it went faulty. It's unbranded, but looks to be an older model of the Atlantic F127 (rather than the lcd panel, there's a dial for temp and a second for mode). So I bought an F127 to swap it out.

Both panel heaters have blue, black and brown wires, but the faulty one I'm replacing is wired differently than I'd expect -- black is in neutral, while blue is in what I'd guess is the pilot. The manual for the new unit says what I'd expect blue for neutral and black for pilot.

I've attached a pic of the current wiring and the pdf instructions for the new unit.

I was thinking this would be a quick swap, but stopped in my tracks with cabling being different than I expected... Any advice?


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Ah, I did wonder about the grey. So it does seem the neutral is in the connector block. Well, at least the colours do make sense, it's just that they're not wired the way I was expecting. Thanks!