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Sep 14, 2020
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Don't hate on this topic to much!

Im looking at doing a Course on becoming a domestic installer to get my first jump into becoming a spark.

i then want to progress on to becoming qualified but i am after some advice really! as much as i would love to start from an apprenticeship its just not going to fit around my life especially with the money! 

while having a mortgage etc.

has anyone done similar to myself i am prepared to spend the time learning and working alongside a qualified spark that's been in the trade long enough, fortunately i have some people around me that have offered that help.

this is just something that has always interested me and i am not getting any younger! so why not potentially start now and in a few years i will be on my way to fully qualified.


I would speak to local college about doing the proper courses as an evening class if that suits. 
the DI courses are not worth the paper they are written on and will leave you believing you have something worthwhile but when it comes to working you’ll be no better off than you are now. 
so take the proper course and actually learn something worthwhile to start with this way you will not be going back to it after the DI course. It will also save you paying for the 18th edition course on the DI course as you will be taught to that standard and be exempt from needing the 18th edition course. 
you will also be more worthwhile to those who are willing to help. 

sorry if it’s not what you want to hear but it is for the best for you. 

To do any electrical work...

On any type of electrical installation..

In any environment...

For monetary gain.. (aka as a real job NOT DIY)...

You need to be fully qualified and competent...

As wherever it is...  electricity can still start a fire.. or kill a healthy adult very quickly...

And if you are working in properties called "Domestic Dwellings" there are normally a wide range of elderly, and very young..

Who are even more vulnerable than the average healthy adult...

So it is not a question of "progressing on to be qualified"...

If you are NOT qualified to start with..

you should no be working alone with electricity..

Google City & Guilds electrical courses..

and try and find a local physical college that offers City & Guilds electrical courses..


Every day is a learning day .... 
I have been doing this job for a very long time, very long ( I call it a job, it IS a job.....boils my urine when people call it a game!)

i learn something new at least a couple of times a week.

when you are touched on the shoulder with the "neon of knowledge" and arise as a spark THEN you start learning

just saying 

i learn something new at least a couple of times a week.

100% agree

Its not all the unnecessary IET changes, its the new products, the DIY customers and then understanding for 40+ years going backwards ............

A bit like getting a driving licence for the first time, sure you have a licence but little hands on experience

I think 10 years hands on experience should be the starting criteria for doing EICR's

when you are touched on the shoulder with the "neon of knowledge" and arise as a spark THEN you start learning

just saying 
:slap :Applaud :Salute        I just snorted with laughter at this while drinking a cuppa ,   tea snorted down nose  !!!! 

Ah yes I remember it well   !!   You enter the meeting room with one trouser leg rolled up , your left breast exposed and approach the Supervisor who sits on the Great throne of Faraday   and kneel before him .    

He intones the secret  incantation  which begins with the blessed words ...... " No longer will yea have to make the tea & screw all the runners for the time has come to hang the Golden Drummond Test Lamp Unit about your neck ....now I raise the Neon of Knowledge  ............. "   the rest of course is part of the  secret ceremony  which ends in the  grand finale  involving the placing  of the sacred Megger leads ...the ceremonial switching  to 500V   followed by the ceremonial cranking of the ancient handle .