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Jan 1, 2009
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anyone recommend a downlight for a 86mm hole, max depth of 60mm. joiner used a holesaw the outer diameter of the light and everything else i can find that will fit in the hole are too deep... converter plates will looks shite. may end up with joiner reboarding it...
60mm inc plasterboard depth

just looked at the tilt KSR but they look too deep. already tried with a JCC v50 tilt, hole diameter is good but not on depth
Halers H2 lite are 90mm across the bezel so they will just cover the hole, only 46mm deep too
Could I suggest the Integral Evofire series 110mm GU10 downlight? I bought two for myself the other day, and really liked them.

The product is available with or without the insulation guard, depending on your need I've attached a link to CEF search results: 110mm), showing both variants. Also available on the Integral official website, Amazon, or eBay etc.

It's compatible with a wide cut-out range, 70-100mm; so I think should fit perfectly into your 86mm hole, and cover any surrounding wears. In my experience, it'd require a minimum depth of 55cm (when fitted with a GU10 bulb). Also - IP65 rated, in case you're installing in bathrooms or outdoors.

Not sure if the insulation guarded one would require slightly more depth - but on the safe side, I would recommend the one without the guard, especially if you don't have soft insulation foams in your ceiling.

Hope this helps.
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How come there is so little depth?
Actually it's not uncommon (I guess?) especially if the existing ceiling is already too low up there, in which case constructors might choose to sacrifice some depth for just enough overhead clearance.

Two of my flats (in China) have part of their toilets with only 8cm depth inside the ceiling. The lights mentioned in my previous reply -
Could I suggest the Integral Evofire series 110mm GU10 downlight? I bought two for myself the other day, and really liked them.
- are right intended for there. Will install them over Christmas when I'm back in China.
I’ve used the Integral ones on a job before…. The lamp fits up against a thin seal in the bezel and the bezel has a thin gasket too,,, I guess that they’re both fire gaskets?
This leaves the depth,,,, I’m afraid that I can’t remember,,, but it will only be the lamp and lamp holder.