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Mar 27, 2024
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I have to select a product or system and create a design brief,

i am not sure what would be suitable ?
Does this mean such things as a Break glass fire alarm point, Lighting Control Module, or Mag lock door with swipe access ?

once i have my product or system i think i can work through this, but i need something that is not going give me problems and end up being extremely complicated
What does your tutor suggest.
It will need a decent level of complexity and detail as it is the HNC.
I remember many years ago (1991) mine involved a plant addition that had a couple of fairly decent sized motors that required 70mm cables after I did the cable calls, It also involved Foxboro PID temperature controllers, I can still remember drawing out the “roadmap” for the program.
Hi John
Your HNC project will be easier if you pick something that is in your field of work just now, by that I mean something you can see being done at work just now and you can ask questions.
My HNC project was done on an 11kV gas switchgear replacement.
I went to the senior project engineer and asked if I could visit sites where the work was being done, luckily he was very helpful and sent me along with the project engineer to visit his latest job where you can ask relevant questions and get some great help along the way.
Relevant things in planning could be finding out why the job needs done, picking the right gear, getting quotes, delivery schedules, what authorisations are required to do the work, access and egress…….the list goes on, but you get the point
Do not hold back from asking your foreman, managers for assistance after all thats what they (say they) are there for.
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I am surprised they did not give a choice of some topics, since this is a national exam - how could they compare am ignitor sequence for a Mars 6 rocket booster from a magnetic door lock.
In the 70s I had to do a design for a multi-storey car park from main board to all aspects of lighting and power - if that gives a vision of the complexity