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Oct 9, 2008
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OK geezers

I have two main PCs and 2 laptops. The one on Vista I can open the threads on this Forum when logged in,also the Company laptop allows me to veiw the threads when signed in (No problem there).

Now when I use my main PC it will not open the threads I want to view when signed in, I can view the threads as a visitor the same thing happens on my laptop.

Either on WI Fi or ethernet. Bt broadband waiting to here from other IT wizards? any suggestions would be nice. (No I am not binning them). Both on XP.

Oh the joys of working from home at times.Suspect the browser some how checked the settings.

I can get into other forums I have been using for donkey's and open /reply to threads.

This is being done on the Vista PC.

Bass is best