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Bob Smith

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Jul 13, 2022
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Hi Bob, yes it is a Solis hybrid inverter. I have only been on the Agile tariff for a week so no bill has yet been generated, however I believe the import cost is around 35p/kWh and varies - see this website( for details and a link to the energy-stats website that shows historic and current cost data.
Interestingly and confusingly, 2 different support personnel advised that the import tariff was the standard variable capped tariff - I queried that with a third who confirmed it was the higher Agile import rate- so they seem confused themselves. The first bill will be revealing.
This last seven days I have imported no more than 3kWh a day (total 8kWh) and have exported 121. The weather has been exceptionally good, of course, so it won’t last, but right now I should have paid for the standing charge and be making a few bob😊
Hi @Slateral I am sorry for my late reply. I must have overlooked the notification.
Thank you for your reply. I look forward from your feedback if you don't mind. I think by September/October I should have my additional system in place and knowing what the DNO will authorize me I will have to decide which export tariff. I see there is no thread to talk about pros and cons of the different options. and why chose one over the other etc.. You may want to contribute :)

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