Well it’s that time of the year again! It’s been a mixed year so , in-line with tradition, here are a few things that have mildly irritated me

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What is it about EV cars that draws such debate who cares and I have to say, side tracks this thread.
Thankfully "with the greatest respect..." seems to be less common now :) That really did start to wind me up

on a different note
BP fuel 156.9, just off the motorway
Costco 146.9 about a mile away,
"going the extra mile" has never made me smile quite like that before!
Trying to pull this back on topic........

Who no longer live at home....
But have done On-line orders to be delivered to our address!!!!

I have three daughters...
one now living in Sheffield...
one now living in Surrey...
one now living in Alexandria, USA!!!...

I don't know why but they seem to forget to say..
Dad I have a parcel ordered that should be coming to your address within the next few days!!!
It is being friendly just saying who really cares about EV cars, it is just boring, boring, boring, boring and no one cares unless you are boring that is.
tired peter van de veire GIF by MNM
People who divert threads
BBC news
BBc Verify…..FFS you should be verifying the news before you broadcast it
TV news/weather where we now have to see the presenters full length……I was happy knowing they didn’t have feet
Robust and afar reaching enquiries
Parking bays that are too small
W⚓️s who park in mother and child Or disabled bays to avoid getting their car compromised
Curry’s customer service ( almost as bad as BnQ ….the kings of reneging on published written warranties!)
16p/litre difference in diesel,cost between the garage next to my house and one 4 miles away
Shopping centre security guards who think they are SAS/SBS/RMs
The silence of EVs as the creep up on you like a Barrymore/Schofield nightmares
Remakes of iconic films
Cheap bog paper
No bog paper
These are purely my views, some may agree, some may disagree, deal with it 😉🤪

Deal or no deal

Steven mulhern

Every “reality show”

Fake lips

Felt tip pen eyebrows

False suspense

Online gambling adverts. “We have a range of tools to help you” yeah , Cheers for that but I won’t bother as I’m an addict

Xmas Adverts

Zero to hero Sparks

People who constantly say 'super, literally, cool, stoked, pumped, I’m all about'

Forced /false inclusivity

Greggs Wallace

Perfume adverts….'Desperation the new fragrance by Swarfega'

Tea , the devils Urine

Knightsbridge products

KSRs inability to make a PIR which has wires long enough to reach the connector strip on their own fittings

Chinesium and Unobtainium

Rosie Jones

Items described as Artisanal or Designer

Alan Carr

Jonaffon Wossss

"All the trimmings"…..ALL,'! Seriously!!

Companies that 'reach out' OR use that expression

Words invented to fill a niche hole that doesn’t exist! Like Mysoginoir! Google it

Alex Brooker

Enforced zany acts by Z list celebs


Charity appeals by Stars who have zillions in the bank

Energy prices

Charity C.E.O.s salaries. Cancer research £270k basic!

Small food portions on big plates

Food served on anything other than crockery! Soup in a flat cap, oysters on a coal shovel

Menus where the price is just a number, no '£' sign

Any TV offering with the word s "Curse of" in them

Paranormal programs, not seen a pic of a ghost yet

People who feel offended on behalf of people they don’t know

All but one MP. Don’t know which one BUT there must be one


Letting agents

…here endeth part 1
.....prefer to cut to the chase,.....and some days I loathe everything and everyone and b****y love it !
Football goal celebrations, particularly the ones where the overpaid tosspot runs and then drops to his knees and skids along the ground for no apparent reason! Bring back dogs onto the pitch and let them provide "obstacles.
Absolutely ANYTHING to do with football, ANYTHING . To paraphrase Bill Shankly "it’s not that I think football is not important , it’s far far less than that"
Women who enhance their lips with CT1 or such like and then insist on attempting to "pout" on photos, but in fact present the image of a bilious pig impersonating a 🦆
Forgetting to put windscreen protector on and waking up to find it's frozen
Misplacing my Wiha pocketmax driver, had to buy another. It gets used everyday

…to be continued