Any IPad experts on here?

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Oct 22, 2010
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I do most of my ."adult niche special interest" browsing on a very old iPad , VERY OLD. Updates to IOS not been available for years.
Two days ago I went onto, or tried to, Facebook. .horror of horrors BROWSER NOT SUPPORTED!
No access to Fb!! BUT if I get an email about a topic, open the email, go to View on Facebook it works! I can go back from the post to the groups home page and then onto any posts. However if I leave the home page I am back to Browser not supported. This happens in both Google and Safari. Does anyone know of a fix or have I got to , reluctantly, spend money on a new iPad ?
No access to FB should be a bonus surely 😉
To be fair I'm only on it to remove the ."by products of a correctly functioning kidney" from the local Council
And the RR appreciation society, F ckwits who sell on FB, Charity shop 💩 , wolf fleeces appreciation society, and some ."adult niche special interest sites"
From the description it sounds like you've got a very elderly iPad - possibly one of the original 32-bit ones rather than the more recent 64-bit devices which is why it's not letting you upgrade to IOS14 yet alone something more current (up to iOS 16.5 with 17 due out soon).
On the older iOS versions all alternative browsers essentially use the same "WebKit" rendering as Safari does so given its age I'd imagine it doesn't offer some of the newer features that sites and services are going to want to use..

No easy answer unfortunately other than replacing it with something newer!
I think it's an original, it has some Hieroglyphics on it!
I need something for on site certs so it's looking like 💰 time 😟
Yeah, you're going to struggle to run anything current on there!

Suggest having a look at the Apple Refurbished deals to see if there's anything suitable - all devices are shipped out in effectively new condition with a full factory refurbishment including new shell/case etc. when needed.

Another option might be to explore - cracking deals to be had on used kit; possibly ideal if you're going to use it on-site and aren't bothered about it looking pristine.

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