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Dec 15, 2022
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Hi, I have a Duoheat storage heater DUO500i in my living room. I followed a couple of YouTube videos and online manuals for the settings , so I thought I had it set up to take in energy overnight using Eco7 and then give out during the day. However both today and yesterday the cost for this has been over £5 (I know electricity is currently expensive etc) , this is to heat one small room , to a not particularly high level, for one. day

Is this reasonable and in line with expectation? I do not know how to calculate the expected cost of usage, but it seems prohibitively high to me. As a comparison, how much would it cost to Gas radiator heat one room for a day?

Does anyone else have the same setup and they can tell me how much they are spending? After cooking and heating water I'll be looking at £10 per day for electricity.

A quick look suggests this is a 2.6 kw unit.

£5.00 divided by £0.34 = about 14kw

14 kw divided by 2.6 kw = about 5.5 hours

so yes the usage could be correct ( obviously change the kwh rate to reflect what you pay to get a bit more accurate)

hope this helps
Thank you, attached is what the company have shared with me, do you know what the difference between nominal output and background input are please? I assume the former is the heat given out and the latter is the power required to generate?

My night rate is 25.9p, so £5/25.9p = 19.3
19.3 / 2.6 = 7.4, which is roughly my Eco7 hours.
So I suppose it does make sense, it just seems unbelievably expensive.

Thank you.


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